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Articles about Mycopigments by Alissa Allen


IMG_1046cJanuary 11, 2014  Regional Palettes: A Closer Look at Northern California Dye Mushrooms – by Alissa Allen – Fibershed





Letharia in hat with dye sample


August 2014 – Getting Started with Lichen Dyes by Alissa Allen – FUNGI Magazine Summer Issue






Articles about classes by students


DSC_1469August 14th, 2014 – Lana Plantae on Mycopigments Mushroom Dye Workshop in Buxton, Maine



A Verb for Keeping Warm


June 12, 2014 Jeannie Pham Mushroom Dyes at A Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland, CA December 8, 2013



April 22, 2014  Ithaca Waldorf Handwork & more on Mycopigments in Schoharie, NY 






Mushroom Dyes Assorted Colors


February 19, 2014 Ermie Blog on Mycopigments workshop in Los Angeles





February 1, 2014 Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz 





October 23,2013 PDX Collective on Breitenbush Hotsprings Mushroom Gathering





September 30, 2013 Color Grid on Silk Scarves with Friends of the Library in Royalston, MA




Wesly Price and daughter of CCMC







June 8, 2013 Mushrooms for Color with Alissa Allen Cape Cod




April 2, 2013 Fresh Picked Seattle Seattle Mushroom Dye Workshop



bio pic 2


April 29, 2011 Jennifer Carrasco Studio Mushroom Chemistry (it’s not what you think) Painting with Mushroom Pigments