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  1. Jadu, dig har man hört talas om. Jag vill minnas att bÃ¥de du och Angelica blev bjuden till en av vÃ¥ra brädspelskvällar varav jag fick höra om ditt RE-intresse, vilket ledde till att jag uppdaterade mina kunskaper för att kunna ha högljudda diskussioner =DBut then… you never showed up =(I was sad that day :’(

  2. The MLS Board in our area will fine agents if photos are not uploaded within a certain time period. I think it is 2-3 days.It seems pretty sad that an agent wouldn’t just automatically post photos with the listing.Even if the house is a fixer, the potential buyers would want to know at least what style the home is. Or, in the case of land, an idea of the setting where the site is located.

  3. Either parts are accurately prepared and positioned relative to the welder. However, recent advances in hardware and special software to provide a seam tracking systems are relatively clear. {||||

  4. There are so many people out of jobs and are not reflected in the unemployment number because they did not apply for unemployment benefits. The inflation is so high and I think it will be a long way to economic recovery.

  5. Is your faith in what God is doing or who God is?Most definitely who God is. . .and because I am confident in who God is, I think I’m able to see more clearly what he is doing in my life. More often I see what he’s done–tracing those fingerprints back through times when I didn’t understand his plan.Are you hoping in God’s doing or God’s being?God’s being–but God being is also God doing–God is a verb–constant compassion, love, patience, wisdom, benevolence, etc.Do you trust an I DO, or an I AM?I AM. . .God is. . .God was. . .God will be–constant, eternal, faithful. Overwhelming.

  6. HI MarkIt’s been great reading all your adventures over the months. Yes our thoughts are with Japan a lot these days as well, truly an awful situation. Safe continued travels.Julia

  7. Hey all you beautiful people. I’m hoping to meet new friends here so drop me a note when youget a chance.I hope to make some quality posts soon but first I have to look around the forum andfamiliarize myself with everyone.Bye for now. lol

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