rainbow of fungi – JUNE 18


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Saturday, June 18 (10 AM – 3 PM)

Come learn to dye with foraged fungi and lichens while a pasture full of alpacas graze nearby!

This class will introduce you to working with wild mushrooms and lichens as a rich and wonderful addition to your

local dye palette. We will start by addressing foraging safety, ethical harvest, and storage of goods. We will cover the

techniques used for testing dye potential, and resources for mushroom and lichen identification. As you prepare the

selected species of dried fungi and lichens for the dye pot, you will learn about the habitats and ecological niches of the

fantastic kingdom of fungi.  By the end of the class, you will have experience extracting and dyeing a full spectrum of


In addition to the dyed samples and recipes used in class, we will also use dye resist techniques to make a beautiful

mushroom dyed chiffon scarf.

Everyone takes home a 6 page handout that includes a brief history of mushroom dyeing, an introduction to working

with lichen dyes, and directions for mordanting and dyeing at home. Participants also receive a 2 page color guide to

the best dye fungi in the area.

This workshop covers all aspects of getting started with mushroom and lichen dyes and provides the student with the tools to carry on their own exploration at home.

At the end of the workshop, all participants are invited to take a brief tour of the farm and meet the menagerie.

Lunch will be provided by the local Dutchmaid Bakery.

(Please specify if you are vegetarian at checkout)


If you are interested in staying the night you can reserve a bed ($40/night) or a campsite ($10/night) at the farm!

**This is a rain or shine event. In case of inclement weather, we will just move to the barn 🙂

Click here to register at fiberfarm.net