Maiwa Presents: Mycopigments – Tuesday, October 8 – Thursday, October 10

Registration opens June 17th

In this three-day workshop, students will learn the art of dyeing with mushrooms and lichens—from foraging to finished cloth and yarns. On the first day, students will meet at the UBC Endowment Lands, where Alissa will conduct a field tour outlining the principles of collection and identification. The class will work toward a full understanding of ecologically sound harvesting. How, when, and what to collect will be covered, as well as identification techniques that will assist the student in finding the right varieties of fungi for the right colours. For many natural dyers, mushrooms and lichens represent a new and exciting territory. Join experienced dyer Alissa Allen as she leads the class through the proper selection of mordant and dye procedures to coax unusual colours from mushrooms and lichens. The class will work with silk cloth and woollen yarns. No prior dyeing experience is necessary.