Moss Beach – Sunday, January 27th 10am-4pm Module Three: Maximizing Dye Potential/Dye Your Own

Includes silk scarf, 3-page field guide, and instructional handout

Dye Your Own! Day three will be dedicated to working with the top 4 most common local dye species, and using up the exhaust baths from our rainbow sample colors from day two. We will explore the many ways to get saturated color, extend the dye bath and achieve multicolor dyes on wool.

What to Wear and Bring: You’ll want to dress in comfortable layers as some work will be done outdoors. Mushroom dyeing isn’t a terribly messy process, but there are occasional splashes. If you have a favorite apron or pair of gloves, please bring them along, a name tag is also helpful.

Bring a minimum of 6 oz of your own wool yarn divided into 1oz skeins labeled with your name. Students signed up for Saturday will have the opportunity to pre-mordant overnight in the studio.  Sunday only students will need to pre-mordant 3 of their 6 skeins prior to class.

Lunch: We will take a 30 min lunch break around 12:30. Please bring food and beverages to sustain yourself, and to share if you’d like 🙂

Cancellation policy

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