September 10th and 11th – Fort Saint James, British Columbia

ft st james posterJoin up for a weekend full of mushroom dye adventures. 

FORAGE for mushrooms. Explore the local habitat in search for mushrooms that produce dye. You will learn about safety, ethical harvest and ecological niches (whether or not nature provides us with fungal fruiting).

DESIGN silk scarves. Bring your family for an afternoon exploring resist techniques used to create interesting patterns on silk fabric.

IN-DEPTH explorationSunday’s workshop will take an in-depth look at using mushrooms and lichens for dyes – primarily for wool. We will explore techniques to extract a full spectrum of color from specific groups of fungi. There is a fair amount of lecture, so this class is not for young children. However, concepts will be presented in a way that is accessible to both beginners and experienced dyers.

To register contact Kris 250-996-6839