You are Registered for the Mycopigments workshop in Boulder Creek – Saturday April 21st, 2018 10am-4pm


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Thank you for registering for the Mycopigments workshop Saturday, April 21st 2018 – hosted by the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz. Class will be held from 10am-4pm at the Boulder Creek Rec Center 13333 Middleton Ave.
Boulder Creek, CA 95006.

What to Wear and Bring: You’ll want to dress in comfortable layers as some work will be done outdoors. Mushroom dyeing isn’t a terribly messy process, but there are occasional splashes. If you have a favorite apron or pair of gloves, please feel free to bring them along, a name tag is also helpful.

Lunch: We will take a 30 min lunch break around 12:30. Please bring food and beverages to sustain yourself, and to share if you’d like 🙂

All supplies provided: You needn’t bring any supplies to class; wool samples and silk scarves will be provided. You will receive a complimentary silk scarf to practice a demonstrated dye resist technique.

What you will take home: In this class you will learn about mushroom safety, identification basics, and  habitats. You will also learn about the importance of ethical harvest, especially pertaining to lichen dyes. At the end of the day you will take home a detailed recipe card, showcasing the rainbow of samples dyed in class; a beautiful hand dyed scarf; a procedural handout to guide your future exploration, and a customized guide to the best local dye fungi.

Personal fiber If you’d like to dye your own fiber, there may be extra time for this. Please know there will be limited colors; usually gold and green and or brown. Only bring scoured and dry protein fiber (ie wool, silk, alpaca etc), measured and secured in bundles of 30g or less. If working with raw fiber, please bring a small garment bag to contain your fluff.

*There will be small and possibly larger amounts of leftover dye available for sharing between those who are interested. Bring canning jars with lids, empty jugs or small buckets, if you’d like to take some home.

Cancellation policy: If you need to cancel your registration, please consider sending an alternate to take your place; a lot of prep work goes into setting up this workshop. If you need a refund, please note that there is a $20 processing fee for cancellations made up to one week prior to class, cancellations made after that point are not refundable.

Thanks again for signing up, looking forward to a colorful dye day 🙂
-Alissa Allen