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September 22nd and 23rd - Land O' Lakes Wisconsin - LOLA Mushroom and Lichen Dye IntensiveForage for mushrooms and lichens, test for color and dye fiber! This two-day intensive will set you on the path to unlocking the bold and beautiful colors found in the fungal ki...
Indirect impactsSeveral months ago I received a really sweet letter from a woman I have never met named Amy. It was titled "indirect impacts, circling back to you".
Mordant Alternative Tests Gearing up for a flurry of Fibershed classes I find myself inspired to test out some alternatives to commercial mordants.
Regional Palettes: A Closer Look at Northern California Dye MushroomsDyeing with mushrooms is a relatively new practice that gained popularity in the 1970s, thanks to the experimentation and publications of Miriam C. Rice and Dorothy Beebee.
Testing Oft Told Stories Before every workshop I often run a series of tests.
Mycopigments Embraces Social Media Mycopigments and the Mushroom Dyer's Trading Post can now be found on Facebook!  
Beguiling BattsAfter numerous occasions of accidental fiber felting, the idea of dyeing unspun wool has made me a little nervous.
Ratio Rainbow There are three mushroom dye reference books that I use on a regular basis. Mushrooms for Color, by Miriam C.
Announcing The Mushroom Dyers Trading PostWhile visiting the Los Angeles Mycological Society's annual show, it dawned on me that what we really need is resource for exchanging dye fungi.
Lichen Dyes Sometimes good things come to those who wait. Last spring  the Pacific Northwest suffered some severe ice storms that brought down big trees and lots of branches.